Game creation

Prehensile Tales can build your (mobile) game based on your designs. We can ensure the game will play and run great on your target platform(s)

Engine modification

Prehensile Tales can implement the features needed for your project. We have experience with rendering, scripting language, third party integrations, performance improvements, networking and importers. We have contributors on staff that worked on virtually all areas of the engine.


Regardless of the scale Prehensile Tales can help design and implement a networking system that suits your needs.

Editor changes

If your project has a need for customization of the Godot editor itself we can help with this! We have extensive experience making the Godot editor work for any project, ranging from fully new features to workflow improvements.

Backend and cloud

If your project requires a specialized backend we can assist with this also. Be it designing a (cloud) infrastructure, or implementing a server-side component.