Prehensile Tales is a programming consultancy company run by Hein-Pieter van Braam-Stewart focussed on game-related clients.

Prehensile Tales can help you keep your Godot project on track
I have extensive experience with the Godot game engine and I’m currently the maintainer of the stable release branch of the engine. I can provide prioritized bugfixing and/or new feature implementations.

Prehensile Tales can help make your (game) backends cloud-ready.
In my previous employments I also gained extensive knowledge of running backend services both on-premise or with an IaaS provider such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. I can help (re)design your backends to be cloud-aware and help create deployment, scaling, backup, and disaster recovery.

Prehensile Tales can help you with embedded Linux systems
I also have experience designing and implementing embedded Linux systems. I have implemented and designed NFC-based payment systems for use on golf courses. This included the graphical charging systems with touchscreen interfaces as well as the non-graphical payment terminals.